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Quality Eyeglasses & Lenses In Laguna Beach

Discover a World of Eyeglasses Just for You at i2ioptometry

Are you seeking more than just perfect vision? Step into our Laguna Beach optical boutique, showcasing the latest European and American designer eyewear collections. Whether titanium, stainless steel, or chic plastics, we focus on finding eyewear matching your lifestyle, fashion, and vision needs.

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Quality Lenses and Frames Curated for You in Laguna Beach

At i2ioptometry, we guide your eyewear journey, emphasizing how different lenses and frames impact your vision and comfort. We ensure your choices align with your preferences and needs, aiming for the perfect fit.

Trivex and Polycarbonate Lenses: A Shield for Your Vision

Experience the strength of trivex and polycarbonate lenses - exceptional high-index options providing remarkable impact resistance.

These lenses, up to 10 times sturdier than regular plastic, are perfect for kids’ eyewear safety glasses or active individuals desiring thinner, lighter, and safer lenses.

Trivex lenses, marginally thinner than polycarbonate, deliver comparable impact resistance and, like polycarbonate, offer 100% UV protection.


Clarity with High Index and Aspheric Lenses

Experience lightweight, thinner lenses tailored for stronger prescriptions


Lens Care and Maintenance: Preserving Clear Vision

Discover essential tips for lens care and maintenance for maintaining healthy eyesight and lens longevity.


Eyeglass Frame Materials: Your Style, Your Choice

Uncover the distinct advantages of various metal and plastic frame materials, helping you select the perfect fit that matches your style and needs.


Frame Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

We will teach you practical maintenance tips to keep your frames in top-notch condition for enduring comfort and style.