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Myopia Management in Laguna Beach

Myopia Management in Children: A Parent's Guide

Does your child struggle with nearsightedness? Myopia management can be a game-changer for your child's vision and long-term eye health.

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Why Manage Your Child's Nearsightedness?

Myopia increases the likelihood of significant eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. Routine use of glasses and contacts can assist in slowing the progression of nearsightedness.

Explore Your Child's Myopia Management Solutions

Personalized myopia management at i2ioptometry can protect your child's vision. Let's work together for a brighter future.

We have various myopia treatments to slow the progression of nearsightedness, including:

Michael D. Cook, O.D.

Michael D. Cook, O.D.

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Is Myopia Management Right for Your Child?

Reach out to our caring team at i2ioptometry. We'll guide you through understanding your child's myopia.

Take our myopia assessment online to find out whether your child could benefit from this life-changing treatment.

Learn More About Myopia Management
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Myopia Management Quiz

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