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Keratoconus, a major Dry Eye Stigmatizm, Pingueculas & Meibomiumitis are just a few of the serious issues I have with my eyes. Not to mention, I have early onset cataracts. I had Lasik surgery in 2000 after wearing contacts for 28 years. Of course, I was thrilled with the success! I was able to get 15 yrs. before looking into a re-do. Only to discover through specialist, Dr. Tooma that my corneas would not support a re-do. He performed the crossing linking procedure to stabilize my corneas and I have been involved with Dr. Sheri Rowen, Specialist with Dry Eye in a clinical study for “Dry Eye” syndrome in Dr. Tooma’s office. My doctors have said, even after all of this, we still need to get you in corrective lenses. Glasses are not an option for me because of the distance between my eye and the lenses in glasses. Every three months I have to tilt the glasses to magnify what I need to see. Contacts are the only option. Before finding Tabatha at Dr. Cooks office and meeting Dr. Cook for the first time. Almost three years ago at a different Optomitrist, I was fit with custom Scleral contact lenses - very expensive, which only proceeded to irritate the pingueculas. I have been without corrective lenses up until I met the team at I2iotometry! Before I found Tabatha at i2iotometry, (after spending time & money at two other offices) Tabatha educated me on the water free options of caring for Scleral lenses. I was impressed with the extent of my consultation with her. She shared things that no other Optometric ever shared with me. I then decided even after spending $500 on Scleral exams several times! I had to see if there were any other options. I booked an appointment to see Dr. Cook & Tabatha for an initial consultation. I was astonished, of what they were able to ascertain regarding the condition of my eyes! They got it! They knew the very complexity of my situation! After trying on several types of Scleral lenses, of which never happen in the other two Optomitrist offices’. Dr. Cook wasn’t happy if it wasn’t the perfect fit - all of which are due to all the issues I stated earlier. He mentioned, there is another to try and fit you with but the trial lense is on order. Dr. Cook said, let’s try the KISS method, you know... “keep it simple...”. After a few eye measurements and eye testing, Dr. Cook & Tabatha fit me into a soft inexpensive monthly wear! My first words were: I CAN SEE AGAIN😃!!!! I am so impressed with the experience & the Pro’s in this office!!!! My situation is definitely not an easy one & sometimes you just have to keep it simple!! Thank you so much, Tabatha & Dr. Cook!!! You’re awesome “sight savers”!
2 years ago
- Dj O.
Dr. Cook and the rest of the staff here are fantastic. They are all so personable and helpful. I’ve been coming here for a couple years and they haven’t forgotten my name or diagnosis from years past. I plan to stay with them for years to come.
2 years ago
- Thomas H.
Very professional staff and high quality products. Highly recommend.
2 years ago
- Wendy N.
This is where you want to go for optometry! Drs Cook and Cler are both nothing short of amazing. They are knowledgeable, creative, and so thorough and professional, and they think outside of the box. And Tabatha and staff are top notch. You are treated like family, and when you leave - you can see - really well!! I have been going to this office for around 15 years, they see my kids and my whole family, and have seen us through everything from routine optometry visits to minor ocular emergencies, to needing referrals to specialists. They are ace troubleshooters and so great to work with. I cannot say enough!
2 years ago
- Lia B.
I love going here. The Staff is Very Friendly, Professional and Helpful when needed. The Doctors no doubt are the best and the customer service is world class. I lost a pair of new glasses and they replaced them faster than expected and at a lower price than the first price. I highly recommend them. Tabatha is the Greatest! She helped me the most in getting the replacements. Thank you i2i Optometry! The Way I See it, Your the Best!!!
6 years ago
This place is awesome! My husband and I have been going to Dr. Cler and Dr. Cook for nearly 20 years now. They are always gentle, eager to share their knowledge, the prescriptions are accurate and they have even opened up the office to see me in an emergency. The staff is friendly and extremely patient with my habitual indecision 🙂 I could go on & on about how happy I am with them, but the bottom line is that you won't get this type of service elsewhere.
6 years ago
- JoJo