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Michael D. Cook, O.D.

Michael D. Cook, O.D.

Dr. Cook is happy to welcome returning patients and former patients of Dr. Cler.

Your Eye Doctor in Laguna Beach, CA

Dr. Michael Cook, a licensed eye care professional approved by the California Board, possesses expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical care, with a specific focus on glaucoma. Born in Indiana, Dr. Cook has cultivated a rich and diverse professional background through extensive work and exploration across the globe. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Purdue University and completed his Doctor of Optometry degree at the prestigious Indiana University School of Optometry in 1980.

Following his graduation, Dr. Cook embarked on a remarkable journey as an optometry educator and a provider of exceptional patient care in various corners of the world, including South Africa, Hong Kong, and England. His invaluable contributions led him to serve as the Chief Examiner for the esteemed National Board of Optometry.

Driven by a perpetual quest for challenges, Dr. Cook has achieved personal milestones that exemplify his versatility. He holds a coveted black belt in Goju-Kai, is a certified master scuba diver, and boasts an instrument-rated private pilot license.

With a specialization in complex ocular health conditions necessitating advanced contact lenses and computer vision prescriptions, Dr. Cook is deeply committed to educating and guiding fellow eye care professionals in fitting demanding patients with the most cutting-edge contact lens technologies. His fervent dedication to the field is evident as he shares his knowledge and passion with others in this specialized area.