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Drs. Michael Cook & David Cler, Optometrists

Irvine: Call 949-250-1415
Laguna Beach: Call 949-494-1892

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 In the Irvine office, first to happily greet you in person or on the phone. I am thrilled to work for Dr.'s Cler and Cook. I handle all scheduling, insurance authorizations, and billing.

Maria has been with Dr.'s Cler and Cook since July 2015; however she has worked in the medical field since 2004. Now working for Dr.'s Cler and Cook, she has found a position and a field that highly interests and excites her. She has found her calling and comfort zone within this office. Maria handles all billing, scheduling, and insurance authorizations. She has attended Medi-care related and other insurance, billing, and coding seminars. Also, she plans on continuing her education even further and crossing over to the optical side and becoming an optician. It is one of her goals to give you the best "patient first" experience. If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything else you may need assistance with, she will be more than happy and willing to help you.