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Zeiss Officelens

Zeiss Officelens BattleCreek

Carl Zeiss Vision recently introduced Zeiss Officelens, a new, customized task-specific lens that allows patients to choose the amount of working distance they need.

Zeiss Officelens is designed with intermediate vision in the top part of the lens, allowing a spacious view of a digital screen with comfortable posture.

But unlike traditional computer-style lenses, Zeiss Officelens offers wearers a choice of three working distances to address differing workplace needs.

  • Zeiss Officelens Book provides wide possible fields of near vision and intermediate to a range of about 3 ft. (100cm)—enough to see reading material and a computer monitor.
  • Zeiss Officelens Desk extends the intermediate range to about 7 ft. (200cm), for seeing the immediate workspace.
  • Zeiss Officelens Room provides intermediate to about 14 ft. (400cm), enough for comfortable vision in meetings and when moving around the office.

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