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Safety Eyewear

It’s estimated that well over 70% of the American workforce uses some sort of vision correction. With such a high number, it comes to no surprise that such a vast majority of the workforce bring their eyeglasses with them on a daily basis. However, many jobs require protective eyewear.

For the construction worker, industrial welder, or medical laboratory chemist; protective eyewear is absolutely essential for the job. Still, protective eyewear can be cumbersome and fog easily. This can easily get in the way, and make working much more difficult than it has to be. However, our high-quality protective eyewear can be tailored to match your existing prescription or prescribe a new one if need be.

The workplace can be a dangerous place, with potential hazards abundant. In order to avoid distractions in a dangerous workplace, safety-oriented eyewear is a must. The lenses are strong and can resist scratches, sun glare, toxic chemical gasses and vapors, debris, welding fragments, hot and pressurized liquids, and temperature changes.

Easy access to labs means that a prescription can be filled out in less than 7 business days. At i2iOptometry, we will fit you for Essilor safety lenses at our Laguna Beach and Irvine, Ca locations. We will help make sure that your eyes stay healthy and safe.