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Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

Why Should I Buy Contact Lenses From My Optometrist ThumbnailProper care for your contacts is important in preventing injury or infection – and making sure you have clear vision. Make sure your prescription is current by having regular contact lens eye exams with our optometrist.

How To Avoid Infections and Eye Injuries from Contacts

Overusing your contacts – wearing them for too long or improperly can lead to eye infections or eye injuries. Wearing contact lenses overnight can be especially problematic. So make sure to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for using contact lenses.

A few more important tips from your eye doctor in Laguna Beach and :

  • Before putting in or taking out your contacts, make sure your hands are clean – wash them with soap and water, rinse and then dry your hands before handling your lenses.
  • Rinse or store your contacts with saline solution or sterile water. Never use tap water
  • Make sure to have a back – up pair of glasses for times when you cannot wear your contacts – or to just give your eyes a break from your lenses.
  • If your eyes are irritated or hurting, take your lenses out. If the pain persists, visit our eye doctor.

Got Questions? Call the Eye Doctor Near You:

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