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Sunglasses Are More Than A Fashion Statement

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Popular culture encourages sunglasses as a fashion statement. There are many different designer frames available for every style.

But Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory. Polarized sunglasses with UV protection can protect your eyes from a variety of eye and vision-related conditions. Quality sunglasses can protect your eyes from:

  • Harmful UV rays that help to cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Both of these conditions can lead to blindness.
  • Blue light from the sun, that can also lead to macular degeneration.
  • Pterygium, an abnormal growth of eye tissue which will eventually inflame your eyes, and disturb your vision
  • Photokeratitis, literally a sunburn of the eye. Generally a temporary condition, but very painful, and causing short-term blurred vision and sensitivity.
  • Skin cancer around the eye. 10% of all skin cancer develop near the eye. Proper sunglasses can help to prevent this.

Generally speaking, your eyes will be more comfortable when wearing sunglasses. This is especially true if you suffer dry eyes, allergies or other condition that irritate your eyes. To make sure your sunglasses offer the best protection for you, buy your glasses from a reliable optician, particularly one associated with your optometrist. And if you are wearing prescription sunglasses, make sure to have an annual eye exam with an eye doctor to make sure that your prescription is current

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